About Rocky Lobos

Rocky Mountain Softball Philosophy

In accordance with the school philosophy regarding athletics, the purpose of the softball program is to provide any student who is eligible, the opportunity to participate. The player selection process that we have just completed is always a difficult one, and players that have been selected are those that the coach’s feel will best represent Rocky Mountain High School this season

The following is a list of criteria that will be considered in the selection process:

1. The athlete will represent the school in a positive manner both on and off the field

2. The athlete has set high standards both academically and athletically.

3. The athlete demonstrates an ability to function as a team player and at the same time exhibits self-confidence in his individual play.

4. The athlete demonstrates both mental and physical abilities and talents to play the game of softball.

5. The athlete demonstrates the same wholesome competitive spirit in practices as in the games

6. The athlete exhibits a willingness to work hard and strives to improve each day.

The foundation of the Rocky Mountain Softball Team is based upon the attitude, dedication, and effort the players and coaches bring to the program. Our goal is to put a team on the field that plays with great desire and character because it is the character that players and fans will long remember.